Dear Cursillistas,
The past two years have been a challenge and the challenges are not over.  The commission is working to bring three Cursillo Weekends in 2022  to the Canterbury Center.  The dates for the weekends are:
Women’s – March 18 – 20
Men’s – April 29 – May 1
Coed – September 30 – October 2
The cost will remain the same as last year, but will rise for the 2023 dates.  We encourage you to sign up now so we know how many we will have for the weekends.
Our rising costs are mostly due to the increase costs of food and housing.  The amount is dependent upon what the Commisssion can raise from Palanca and from the small endowment that we have.  In the past we have sent out a Palanca letter.  We will continue to send the Palanca letters, asking for donations to support the individual weekends and from the Palanca collected at the Clausuras.  The Diocesan Treasurer has made it possible to be a sustaining giver over time with a donation process that allows for monetary giving.  I can be done on a one time basis or a monthly basis.  Please investigate the donation tab on this website.
The Commission thought it would be too difficult to old elections for new Commission members in December 2020, sp we held over the previous commission members.  That means that this year we must replace 8 of the 12 members.  None of the 8 Commission members going off can be reelected to the Commission.  If you are a Cursillista and are interested in serving, go to the forms tab on this website, fill it out, have your priest sign it, and send it to the address on the form.
Chuck Pierce
Cursillo Commission Chairperson