Three Day

Three Day includes everything that happens on the weekend and before the weekend. This includes cooking, training, set up for the Clausura, and storage.

Sharon Hudson – (Chair)

Pat Smith –  (Team Applications)

Karen Stout – (Secretary, Training)

Dave Lapham – (Training)

Sue Lapham – (Training/Library)

William Brown –
Martha Griggs –
Randy Wiseman –
John Pfeiffer –
Wayne Forbes
Zach Tribble – (Training)
Nancy Tribble –
Joann Hodges –
Sue Jones –



Do you like technology?  Join the communications team.  We work  with the website, the Cursillo database, and send information out about meetings and Ultreyas.

Nancy Gordon – (Chair and Website)

Bob Boardman – (data base)

Edna Brewer – (Central Area Ultreyas)

Maggie Thompson – (e-mail, historian)
Kim McMaster – (NE Deanery Ultreyas)
Joe Welch – – (Chair)






Fourth Day

Fourth Day involves events after the Cursillo weekend.  This includes the Day of Deeper Understanding, Parish Coordinator Training. and special events.

Charles (Chuck) Pierce – (Chair)

Kim McMaster – 

Michelle Cobb –

Ginny Hiber –

Kim Spear –



Music is the heart of Cursillo.  We need your help to play for Ultreyas, Clausuras, and other gatherings.

Elizabeth Maxwell – (Chair)

Betty Welch –

Phil Phillips –

Zach Tribble –


Spanish Liason

We have Weekends in Spanish.  If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in a Hispanic weekend, please contact us.

Phil Phillips –



Nancy Tribble – (Chair)
Charles (Chuck) Pierce – (chair)
Technology :
Bob Boardman – (Chair)